1 LOVE1 .. fotoworks


3 THIS IS ENLIGHTENMENT .. installation // visual*sound*audio*interactive


LOVE1.. fotoarbeiten in zusammenarbeit mit philipp spalek, konzept, gestaltung, model – für 14magazin, 2013

1.. fotoworks in collaboration with philipp spalek. visual concepts, arrangements, design, model – for the printmagazin “14magazin”. one work found its place on the cover/frontpage of the magazin. 2013, freiburg/germany 


LOVE*RELIGION.. filmprojekt in zusammenarbeit – georgmattisissi/frau holle productions, experimenteller dokumentarfilm/mockumentary, 47min & 25min, 2016 & LOVE RELIGION – short story, 23min, 2017

LOVE RELIGION is a filmproject in shape of a mockumentary with a duration of 47min & a short version of 23min. the collaboration project with jurij balbekov & matti preuss as their exam for their studies of audiovisuelle medien at beuth hochschule berlin/germany from 2014 – 2017. LOVE RELIGION shows a critical exchange to religiousity & love. four protagonists deal with these topics during a workshop. they let the spectator participate on their negotiations to believe, sexwork, travelling & the search for identity of themselves as young western people, including contradictions & fractions. while researching for the film we shot in the city of berlin/germany, rural german areas, italy, state of vatican, israel/palestine, poland – in different houses of god*s, at the via dolorosa, at religious events ect. intense research is a base for the project, such as interviews with experts of theology & sexwork. LOVE RELIGION takes position, irritates & invites the spectator to rethink their own position or to develop a new one.


additionally the artist shaped the collected filmmaterial into the experimental films & visual collages LOVE // TANZ*TIERCHEN & LOVE*FACETS.

LOVE // TANZ*TIERCHEN tells you a story interwoven with deconstruction & relativity via depersonalized dancing bodies. experimental film, 15:22min.

LOVE*FACETS invites you into a visual insight of religious discourses in nine channels. creation, hope & life, reflection & rituals, light & knowledge, fundamentalism & limitedness, symbols & materialization. experimental multichannel, 10:50min.

..THIS IS ENLIGHTENMENT.. installation für ECHOS+NETZE hörfestival kunstraum bethanien, berlin/germany 2015, multisensorische installation, sechs interaktive leuchtkästen, visuelle gestaltung multimediale designcollagen, audio via kopfhörer 12:30min

..this is enlightenment.. is an audiovisualkinesthetic installation (interactive installation with audio component). the audience is invited to look at the light boxes & the graphical collage images incorporated therein, to sit down on the painted wooden boxes & to listen to the vocal audio via headphones. the images show playful graphic design reworks of photos of religious objects. the faith symbols of a mary figure & a jesus on the cross as stereotypes of materialized christianity are printed on transparent film in colour & black & white. the images are placed behind acrylic glass panles & illuminated from behind by one light source. the boxes, serving as framework for the images, are made of scrap wood & painted black & white. they are stacked in pairs & can also be used as seats. the audio copmonent of the installation plays vocal excerpts that address religiousity from popular german- & english-language music in shape of a resung medley. this installation was specially made fpr echos+netze, the trans*tonale ear-festival at kunstraum bethanien, 2015 in berlin/germany. it was also presented at schwules museum* berlin/germany.



installation pics by tali tiller for echos+netze