… like a phoenix, also called the pussi*cycle is a series of several projects that grew the last years following a call for genital-donations.

people (of different gender) were asked for shooting a foto of their genital & send it (anonymously) to the artist (open call/genital donation). idea: creating interaction with people, getting them involved into the process, becoming active by taking fotos – as the base for the artists further workprocess to translate their pieces into visual interpretations of a broad spectrum of different forms & shapes of genitals* for a bigger audience. the artist used different visual media – painting, drawing, illustration, foto, film & interaction in open space. gender, variety, deconstruction, interaction, empowerment, individuality & relativity are repeating themes in the artists work.

VAGINALE // februar 2014, berlin, in gallerie futura der alpha nova kulturwerkstatt berlin, zusammenarbeit mit mimi monstroe & pussystübchen, einmonatiges event mit ausstellungen, workshops, lesungen, filmscreenings, talks, audiobeiträgen, performances, konzert & parties, radiointerviews, filmaufnahmen

the event happend through the month february in 2014 in berlin at gallery futura/alpha nova kulturwerkstatt. a cooperation with mimi monstroe & pussystübchen. the event lived on exhibitions, workshops, lectures, filmscreenings, talks, audios, performances, concert & parties, radio interviews, filming

beteiligte/künstler*innen/participant artists:

mimi monstroe, pussystübchen, strawberry kaeyk, viola, mascha, entzaubert archive, tali tiller, magda wystub, kay garnellen, saskia, sadie lune, sara diehl, annemarie schalk-scheibe, quEAR – das trans*tonale ohrenfest, silverfuture, ann antidote, jenny tale

NEONGOLDEN // malereienserie, verschiedene formate, 2012

neongolden is a painting series, 9 paintings with acrylic on wood, surrounded by trashy plastic frames of the artists family heritage. the neon colour-spectrum of pink/blue/green & yellow changes in each of the 9 paintings. for the spectator the paintings maybe start to flirr & move in itself.

33 // streetartdokumentation, berlin, open space, 2013

this piece is a documentation of streetart in open space in berlin. 33 pussis of different genders are painted on tiles, each in a different colour. they were found in the city of berlin. the prints show on the left side the total of one tile, on the right side the tile in a city-surrounding.

TRANSFORMATIONES // stopmotionfilm zu illustrationen, 2013

transformationes is also a stopmotion film, made by black/white drawings to different genders genitals. it shows a metamorphose of genitalia, each transforms into an other one. a play in motion.

STRADA ROSU //stopmotionfilm zu fotografien, 2013

stradă roșu is a romanian expression & means „red street“. the stopmotionfilm shows an interpretation of menstruation in motion. the used moving pictures are colorized, alienating the theme & transports it into a bright liquid story full of various possibilities of identification & interpretation.

PMF // film, 14min, visuelles medley, 2015

this film is a visual medley composed of the pussi*cycle & also collaborative works with other artists to the topic. it is guided through by various exciting & aesthetic dance performances summarizing it to the point.